Hi, I’m Davey

These are the things I’ve done that I want to share with the world.

I’ve done other things, but they’re less good, and I’m less proud of those. I hope you enjoy these.

One Of Us

I am a voice, editor, and personality for the website/podcasting network OneOfUs.net where I have appeared on a multitude of comedic audio and video reviews, as well as other podcasts, projects, and live streams.

Cinema Etc.

I’m one of the writers for the website Cinema Etc. where I have worked on reviews, staff select pieces, and end-of-year write-ups. Some of my personal favorites pieces were my write-ups on Little Women (2019), Bad Education, 1917, and Motherless Brooklyn.

Crooked Marquee

I have been lucky enough to have a few pitches at comedy/film site Crooked Marquee accepted, where I have written comedy and review pieces. I’m personally very proud of this piece on (500) Days of Summer, as well as a couple of comedy pieces about Daniel Day-Lewis, MoviePass, and Detective Pikachu.

Golden State Media Concepts Movie Podcast

I am one of the hosts of the GSMC Movie Podcast, where my episodes cover a variety of films and news stories.


I have also written and performed audio reviews for the NPR affiliate WSIU, which airs in a few states around the Southern Illinois area. My personal favorites include pieces on Arrival, The Salesman, and Logan.

Game Mechanics

I am the writer and voice for the YouTube channel Game Mechanics where we do short-form essays on video games and how their structure and storytelling leaves and reflects a cultural impact. I’m extremely partial to our pieces on Celeste, Doki Doki Literature Club, and The Last of Us Part II.

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